Krewe of Sirens

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Krewe Membership
Membership is by invitation only.
 If you are interested in joining our Krewe, the Krewe Board & CoFounders invite you to visit our float 
during Pensacola's Mardi Gras Kick Off Celebration.  
This is the first step in learning more about our Krewe and requirements for membership.
We look forward to meeting you.

For more information about Mardi Gras Kick Off Celebration visit

Parade Code of Ethics


Each Siren is allowed to be accompanied by one significant other onto the Parade lineup/route.  "Significant Others" are defined as: friend, relative, boyfriend, husband.  
Such person is required to walk and be in approved Siren attire.


A Siren who has too much alcohol, demonstrates poor taste for more than one minute must
be escorted back to the float for protection and to save herself from embarrassment. 


Loud, obnoxious outbursts are welcome while parading.


Dancing, while parading, is required by you and it is important to make sure all members are


In the event a Siren needs to pray to the porcelain goddess or visit Mr. Tidy Bowl Man, it is essential that one Siren goes with the other (S.I.N.) Siren In Need.


You will not, at any time, think of work-related matters. If work does consume your mind, you will forfeit Sultry Siren status and be seen as an outcast by the other Sirens for the entire event.


Every Siren should enter and exit gracefully through the rear of the float.  Climbing over the rails will loose your Sultry Siren status for the entire event.


Every Siren is required to purchase her own beads, trades, costumes and support the "mission" of the Krewe.  


Sirens caught smoking on the float, smoking while the parade is in route, jumping from the float, or throwing trash on the ground will be stripped of their Sultry Siren status.


Sirens should always be respectful of other Krewe members and of herself.


Sirens are expected and encouraged to help with parade preparation and break down of float.  All Newbies are required to remove all debris from the ground and the surrounding area that was used for the preparation and break down of the float.